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Advancing our client’s causes for over 30 years

The partnership of Bob Katz and Sylvain Duchesne form the core team at Katz Design. Specialization is in the resolution of complex business / product related problem sets. Creating innovative business tools permits our clients to substantially differentiate themselves in their respective industry.

Our strongest asset is teamwork and experience in diverse product categories. We craft a dedicated engagement strategy for each client and project. As needs dictate, satellite teams permit a world class creative team for each problem set, regardless of difficulty. This flexibility reduces development cost, increases speed to market, and guarantees the best solutions possible.

Bob Katz

Curiosity is at the core of the many collaborative efforts Bob has had with the clients of Katz Design. Finding fresh approaches to diverse problem sets is what drives him as well as his sense of excitement and gratitude. Balancing office time is creative problem solving racing planes high above, all alpine activities terrestrially, or free and scuba diving in the depths.

Sylvain Duchesne

Sylvain is a multifaceted designer and the Swiss army knife behind Katz Design. Over the years, he has acquired a solid expertise in design and product development. Curious by nature, he does not hesitate to develop new skills to better serve his clients. Sylvain strives to make a difference as a professional focusing on social and environmental issues. As a dedicated runner, Sylvain leverages his training sessions to further stimulate creativity resolving complex problems for his projects. A designer on the go literally.

Anaïs Kowalczyk

Anaïs is a person who focuses her energy to take care of people as well as their environments. This is achieved by her ability to sense vulnerabilities and transform them into positive action. Highly empathetic, she uses her concern to help contribute to a more harmonious world. She is an advocate for  design creating a positive impact in shifting the staid paradigms of our time. Her conviction is centred on high level thinking and its ability to improve the collective well being of societies. 
Curious at heart, Anaïs is capable of grasping opportunities that surround her to help feed her creative spirit as well as combine spontaneity to help her expand a deep understanding of the wide array of subject matter.

Our clients

Work we’ve done


“We have used the services of Katz Design numerous times over the years when we needed their expertise for complex products. They brought Bauer much more than just CAD files. Their attention to detail and their experience in industrial design and product development created products that performed better on the ice. The collaboration between the different departments was done fluidly meeting critical deadlines. Katz Design even gave us a hand with the OD1N skate which was launched at the Sochi Olympics.”

Thierry Krick, Bauer Hockey

“Katz Design provides a very thorough industrial design service. Their design process makes sure they are completely informed on the technology elements of the design and the voice of the customer before they begin the industrial design process. They are well informed on current design trends making their designs timeless and relevant to the required end markets.”

Howard Yaphe, CEO Axis Lighting

“I would like to say in dealing with the team from Katz design, I realize that the creative and the practical can come from the same source. Bob and his team were able to understand our vision, and not only translate it to reality, but to do so while never forgetting the fact that it was not only art we were creating, but a product that must work. They where able to give us both in the same package. Of all the projects GI sportz has created with various design firms, this last one with Katz was by far the fastest, most painless experience of them all. Thanks to Bob and his team.”

Richmond Italia, CEO GI Sportz group

“Over the last 4 years, we had the privilege of working with Katz Design. The Katz Design team took on and delivered complex industrial design mandates. What I liked about Katz design is their ability to offer a complete product development process. They research thoroughly, prototype, test and re-test until they get it right. It’s a pleasure to work with such professionals.”

Yanick Bienvenue, Director of Product Development, Trudeau Corp

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