Shedding light on new ideas in office lighting has been a tough nut to crack. In office lighting, how can you make a complex system so simple that anyone can install a sophisticated technology in minutes without being a certified electrician? And of course doing so with style.

The Philips Agili-T family of products has shifted the paradigm where high output T5 light modules can be snapped together using a feature rich singular polymar connector. Covered by no less then 5 utility patent higly complex problem resolving mechanical, electrical and communication requirements in a single reversible part.

Carrots will help your night vision, but so will the Pentacube family of products. Robust cast construction helps with thermal management and a timeless simple form factor helps it disappear into the night. Certified waterproof to an IP65 level, the Pentacube is comfortable in all outdoor environments.

Creating a solution driven design for a wall wash and flood tasks was at the heart of the Monet development process. An advanced LED light engine brings new energy efficiencies and precises color temperature for a wide variety of application.

Elvis has left the building, and we may have helped. Reducing manufacturing cost by way of single piece extruded frame, LED strip illumination has created an ultra low profile design.

Shedding light in very dark places in times of need is easily done helped by integral click adjust and convective thermal management. Inexpensive polymer housings are now made to withstand the very high heat output of the housed MR16 lamp.

Bringing simplicity and elegance to industrial, utility like lighting is exemplified by the Philips Revolution highbay series. From industrial warehouses to fashion driven retail environment, clean form factors in a cost reduced package as given the Revolution it market leading edge.