Every child loves creating their own private space. Whether it be a fort or a doll house. Across nearly all cultures, this common play theme is prevalent. Blankets draped over furniture, large cardboard boxes turned into a playstructure. The possibilities are nearly endless. Katz Design wanted to create a toy system where creation is the main theme hinging around the creation of various habitable spaces in little person format.

A significant amount of research and development lead to a multi use building panel that would easily snap together with other like panels. Three dimensional fort building Lego® if you will.

Making the panels was a balance between manufacturing concerns (how thin could the parts be made), structural concerns (optimize stiffness so nominal walls could be further reduced), as well as use factors (what is the maximum size that the target demographic can manipulate)? To allude to the parental concern, the clean up after play is part of the play / learning process. Simple stackable means makes it easy for the child’s to develop their organizational skills.