Industrial Design

Designing your future

Products with a difference that make a difference

Innovate. Lead where others follow

Personify technology


At Katz Design, we bring ideas to life
and transport you to the next level.

We offer a full compliment of industrial design product development services including:

Global strategy definition
Technical part specification
Patent strategy development
Pre-production management
Quality control
Post life-cycle strategies

Our satellite teams can support all aspects of the process including engineering development, tooling, and the full spectrum of prototype building.


Katz Design is an Industrial Design consultancy firm based in Montreal, Canada with global outreach.

For over 30 years, Katz Design has been serving its varied customers by generating market lead product solutions. Developing effective class defining business tools is the Katz Design team's singular focus.

In today’s competitive business environment, the best way to be successful is to define the race yourself. At Katz Design, we define new paths by developing products with a difference to make a difference.